What's your favorite short combo?

Short combo meaning something you can play with 5 cards or less in-hand.

Mine is probably:

  1. Restore + Boost + Reserve on myself to draw 2 cards
  2. React to my own action with Channel + Boost to draw 3 more cards (before the 2 cards in step 1)
  3. Continue, with new cards… hopefully with this combo again or a Scramble :grimacing:

The draw power! Also putting Reserve on the Restore and its Boost will fatten up my hand when I’m all done with my turn. Yum… :yum:

Daze, Attack, Boost, Boost, Reserve
Last night, our game was down to two players each with only 2 HP points and one player played Attack, Boost, Boost . The target played a redirect and the one player played a redirect. Omg. Play of the century!!! So fun!!

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expose, steal, share i love disrupting my opponents

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Honestly either Daze, Banish. Defend, Channel, Boost, or playing all cards in my hand and ending with Scramble, Boost. I loove drawing cards haha

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Draw power is pretty great :grin:

“I Expose myself, then Scramble”
It’s Business Time

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LMAO Flight of the Conchords playing in my head now :rofl: