What Cool Card Ideas Do You Have?

Post any new card ideas here!

Who knows, maybe you’ll see them someday? Or perhaps they were already coming…


What about, similar to how Defend protects from any damage, what about an “Immunity” that prevents alternative negative actions? Ie protection from Steal, Expose, and maybe Daze?


Action Card
Sloth Poison: the target player takes 1 damage on their next turn. Damage must be taken on the targetted player.
(Might be too technical, Gives a chance to time a reaction, either upon activation or when it resolves?)

Action Card
Spike Ball: all players take 1 damage. Remove card from game after play.

Reaction Card
Hot Potato: if this card is discarded, the controlling player takes 1 damage. If this card is exposed the controlling player takes 2 damage. If this card is stolen, the new controlling player takes 2 damage.

Pink Reaction Card
Cracked Shield: block 1 damage. Next use both players take 1 damage. Shield is broken. Discard card from deck after use.

Loving the game so far. Cheers!


How about a Super-Forced Reaction - “Adrenaline” or “Foresight”, a Reaction card that must be played with an additional Reaction exclusively against a Forced action card that would overrule and allow that reaction to occur


Similar to the Anarchy card, what about a modifier card - “Cheat” or “PowerSurge”, that enables any and all other modifiers to be played on that one specific Action card only


To play off the fact that you can opt to hold on to some specific cards, and to increase the incentive to force your opponent to rotate his hand, maybe a set of like three “Combo” cards that deal stacked damage when played together, 1 damage alone, 3 with two, and increasingly so on. Trying to see if your opponent is deliberately not cycling their hand might increase the desire to Reveal/Steal for massive damage


What about a card called “penetration”? The concept being if someone has a defend or banish on them the “penetration” could break through and deal 1 damage immediately. Alternatively you could play “penetration” on a player and the next time they are attacked they take an additional one point of damage, similar to how Daze prevents you from reacting until an action is played on you


Oh! We may actually be testing a card for our next expansion that does something like this… :grin: :grin:

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Of the small ideas my wife and I have had we’ve kept mentioning the need for a reaction card that would stop a player from casting an action card on themselves. Ie defend or scramble! ‘Cancel’ ‘negate’


How about a card that forces the user to shed a card into the discard pile? Like a steal, but that is just a throwaway? Or a reaction card that lets you steal the effect on another play? Like someone drops a restore on themselves, and this card intercepts that other card, and allows the wielder to pick a new target?



How a bout a card that allows you to use a card in the discard pile just like its in your hand. Rewind could be the card name

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We’ve just released a beta on Tabletop Simulator, and more information about our Shadow Tactics expansion is coming soon if you don’t have that program to see our new cards. Needless to say, I think some of these suggestions might find themselves in some form or another within the next pack!

Either way, thank you for posting great suggestions so far. Keep them coming! :slight_smile:

Action (green)
Modifiers: Boost, Reserve
Target player looks at the top 3 cards of the deck and rearranges them on the top or bottom of the deck in any order they choose.


Modifiers: Reserve
Prevent the action targeting you from resolving. Player who played the action must give the card to you.

Action (red, ongoing)
Modifiers: Reserve, Boost
Until the start of your next turn, target must take 1 damage for each action they play. Discard this card at the start of your next turn.

Action (pink)
Move yourself up one health zone. Remove this card from the game.

Modifiers: Reserve
Prevent action from resolving. Player who played the action cannot react to the next action played against them.

Prevent action from resolving for one turn.


Lot of interesting ideas here!

On the concept of surge my friends and I have actually been using one revive card for this! Rather then getting the two health you can go back up a health tier, the card doesn’t get removed from the game however. It makes for good continuation in play if you wanted to try that!


Cool! At one point in its history, Revive did let you heal up beyond the HP bar you were in! This is a good example of a house rule though, which we love. :metal:

I’ve been thinking a bit more about card ideas, and I thought up a much more detailed laying-out of the Delay modifier.

Delay would be a stackable modifier that functions as follows: when you play any action with a Delay modifier on it, even if a target is designated, the card stack underneath the Delay will not resolve until the start of your next turn. If there are multiple Delays on a card stack, the topmost one will be discarded instead of resolving the card stack. If there are no more Delays on top of a stack, the action is brought out of “stasis” and is immediately resolved, before anything else. This can create a lot of interesting scenarios, such as:

  • Delaying an Expose to make sure you know what’s coming while still having a full turn
  • stacking damage under a Delay to start a turn strong and force an opponent to Redirect or Fizzle, thus expending valuable reactions while you have a full hand
  • putting down multiple single-Delayed actions to make sure you can still sort-of have a turn even if you’re Banished, as the actions were technically played on the previous turn, so they will still fire even if you’re Banished, Punished, or Scrambled.
  • synchronizing Delayed attacks to make an opponent have to bat off more attacks than you could possibly cast in one hand

And possibly my favorite (not sure if this could be viable but it would be quite interesting if it was made viable)…
-placing a Revive, targeting yourself, on Delay, if you know you’ll die between now and your next turn. If you die, the Revive would still fire at the start of what would have been your turn.


Ok this is really intriguing! Very very interesting interactions. Love it! :star_struck: Hey @alex what do you think??

Target can only draw up to 4 cards in their Recovery Phase

Prevent target from being exposed