Runes of Zun shipping status!

In Stock and Shipping!

  • Kickstarter orders have been sent
  • Pre-orders through our shop have been sent
  • Most USA shipments are scheduled to arrive by Wednesday 11/25
  • Shipments outside the USA should arrive early to mid December

If you have questions about your order or Kicksarter rewards, email and we’ll sort it out. :wink:

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Runes of Zun games cleared customs!

The games are here! The games are here! That last and most important shipment cleared customs yesterday and now… everything has arrived from the factory! We’re going to get the orders prepped and shipping out over this next week. When I say “we” I mean “Eric” who just received delivery of 63 boxes filled with games… :package: :package: :package: :package: :package: :grin: