Runes of Zun: Shadow Tactics

New Runes for your Zun

Funded in 20 hours! There’s 15 days left, let’s GOOOO!

We’re making a new Runes of Zun expansion plus reprints of the original game and its first expansion! We also have two promo cards planned if we meet our stretch goals.

The Shadow Tactics expansion will transform how you play Runes of Zun. There are five new action types, a new reaction type, and a new and unique modifier type. Mix them into your original game for a total of 78 cards. If you also mix in the original Action Packed Expansion you’ll get a total of 96 cards in your deck! New tactics will emerge and game-changing combos will win out. Are you ready?

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OMG! We funded in the first 20 hours!! AMAZING!! :heart:


Hey guys! Having an absolute blast with the game, and I’m SO excited for Shadow Tactics! We’ve been discussing some new hypothetical combos utilizing the new cards, and I was wondering if you guys would be able to clarify how some of the new cards worked?

Misdirect: does this card mean that rather than A Attacking B, A can force C to Attack B? Thereby if B was able to Trap, C would take Trap damage instead of A?

Curse: does this bounce between players indefinitely as actions are played, and/or is the only way to remove it by utilizing a Purge?

Stash: if Boosted, can the Stashed cards be utilized individually, or once the Stash is “broken into”, all Stashed cards must be picked back up? How do Stashed cards apply to the Overload rule, are they counted as in your hand once they are removed from the Stash?


Hey aidancol!


  • It’s exactly as you say. If A plays Attack with Misdirect, selects B as a target for Attack and C as the source player for Misdirect, and then if B plays Trap, C takes the Trap damage.


  • Again, you’ve got it! We’ve noticed that it tends to work as a bit of a deterrent since nobody wants to have it, and 1 HP per turn is sometimes manageable. Right now, Purge is the only card that can get rid of Curse, though if someone is defeated with a Curse affecting them, Curse would be immediately nullified without resolution and discarded.


  • If Boosted or not, once you trigger the second half of Stash, it happens all at once since you’re discarding Stash specifically. The Boost cards can’t be discarded on Stash’s behalf, so everyone goes all at once if you elect to “break into” your Stash : )
  • Also, Stashed cards are no longer “in” your hand, so they do not count toward the Overload rule. However, though we didn’t use the word “draw” on Stash for other reasons, if you put cards into your hand after removing Stash when you already have 10 cards, you would take Overload damage for each.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the game so far, and I hope you like this expansion once it arrives. We certainly had a lot of fun creating and testing these new cards!


@alex As always, thank you so much for the speedy Answers! And, If you don’t mind, I have a few more questions about the new cards?.. Card? (it’s all about the Stash)

Stash: If the target of Stash is not the user, can the other recipient(s) elect to not immediately pick up the stashed card(s), are the cards still under that same Stash, and/or does the user have say in when the cards are picked up? How would redirect influence Stash as a reaction? If I decide to remove Stash with a card under it, but not put the card in my hand, is it then played? How would a scenerio of Stash is played where A Misdirects B as user and A as Target resolve, does B then have to place a card from their hand under a Stash card in the possession of A?

(I’m working on getting tabletop simulator because I am dying to get the new cards, but my laptop is substantially subpar at this point)

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I’ll take a stab at this… :grin:

The Stash card and the card(s) under it become attached to the target you declare (usually yourself). That target player then controls them, and may elect to discard the Stash (and any Boosts that may have modified it) to put the hidden cards into their hand.

Edit: I missed the point of the interaction. This is why I should leave intricate questions to Alex… :rofl:

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Sorry for the delay. We actually spent some time talking yesterday about this very card, so I’ve only been able to get back to you now. Thanks to you and another poster on Kickstarter, we ended up changing the card back to something closer to what it used to be earlier in our testing.

Here is the new text:

“Make target hide 1 card from their hand under this card. They can discard this card at any time to take the hidden card.”

So, going with this new text, there is still the question about how soon the target can or has to put the hidden cards into their hand. Because “they can discard this card at any time,” the target (you or someone else) can wait to pick the hidden cards up until a later time.

Also, if you remove Stash, you must take the hidden card(s) into your hand (triggering Overload if you have 10+ cards). Only after can you play them (if it’s your turn). You can’t decide that you won’t put those hidden cards into your hand.

As for when used with Misdirect:
We had to change the card to better match our intent, though we lose the ability to pass cards to each other. It seemed like a fun interaction that we added at the end of our testing, but your scenario wasn’t intended. In this new form, Misdirect would just make someone else hide their own cards that they could later elect (even if immediately after) to take back into their hand. So, in your scenario, if A plays Stash and uses Misdirect, choosing B as the targeter and themselves as the target, all that would happen is that A could play a reaction like Trap or trigger an Action like Curse. Player A would still be the one to hide their cards because they are the target of this new text.

In the future, we may find a new card that can use the mechanic of passing cards, but it ended up causing too many issues that we missed this time.

Thank you for asking this question!


New gameplay video added with ALL THE CARDS including promos!