Runes Of Zun In Tabletop Simulator

Runes of Zun is an amazing game and one that deserves a lot more attention. Currently, the Tabletop Simulator version is a one-to-one copy of the real-life version. I played it for a bit, and here’s my thoughts as to what could be improved. It mainly involves using the Lua scripting functionality present in Tabletop Simulator, to make it much more than what it is right now.

  1. Adding a draw button to the pile.
  2. Scripting the health tickers so you can manually subtract or add health simply by pressing a button and it’ll scoot the cube over one space, while also accounting for the rule about not moving up a health zone.
  3. Adding automatic stacking and discarding of ongoing cards and Reserve cards. This would be much easier for players to remember.
  4. Automatically drawing back up to 5 when the “end turn” button is pressed.
  5. Special effects for some cards, such as Defend conjuring a glowing green shield or Redirect creating a blue line from the original target to the new one, etc.

There’s a lot more that could be said (and may be said!), but mainly, I just want to highlight that putting Runes of Zun in a virtual setting is an incredible idea, but one that needs a little work to fully utilize the potential of a virtual setting.


Thanks for this very detailed post!

For the moment, we’re focused on a proper digital version over improving the TTS version. However, these suggestions will help us as we develop a digital Runes of Zun version designed for the game. I think #5 was of particular interest for us, for example : )

For now, we just put out the Tabletop Simulator version as a treat for fans who happened to own TTS since we’re still in lockdown.