Punish Clarification

Punish says “reduce 1HP for every UNIQUE action affecting them”…
Would a unique action mean attacks, exposes, and steals? i.e. 1 attack and 1 expose would be 2 damage dealt from the punish because those are 2 unique actions. However with 2 attacks down, would that be only 1 damage because the attack card is the only unique action affecting the target.
For a while we have been playing punish as 1 damage for all INDIVIDUAL actions affecting the target. Like 2 actions and a steal being a total of 3 damage from punish. But if that were the case I feel like the “Unique” portion of the description would say “for each action” or “each individual action”. The use of “unique” is tripping us up…

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I’ve been working under the assumption that an attack is not an unique action since it only reduces and doesn’t linger. It’s not an effect just an action as itself.

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Hey Funkyfreeshincubus,

Thanks for replying here. I totally missed this while I was on break, but you’ve pretty much got it right in your answer. Punish doesn’t care about Attack exactly because it doesn’t linger with an effect still active!

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Hey Jjetskii,

Sorry I missed this post here while I was on break, but I’m glad you joined our Discord and asked us there!

I’m going to post the answer for others who might come to this post, though I’d suggest that people use the Rules Clarification thread if they want to search for these kinds of questions in general.

Here’s what I said there to a similar question:

Unique just means different names. Two Exposes have 1 unique card, and that is an “Expose” card. For Punish, this only does 1 damage for each unique Action affecting someone. Several cards with the same name don’t get to count for more than 1 damage.

Affecting only counts for cards that are already affecting someone. Punish is not included because it’s not already affecting that player.

A simple flowchart should help understand how cards work.

Play->Target->Before Resolve->Resolve->After Resolve->"(ongoing)" or “until”->in play but not affecting->discarded or not in play

“Affecting” only happens after “Before Resolve” and often ends before “After Resolve.” Only cards that have “ongoing” or other text like “until the end of your turn” keep affecting someone after you resolve them. Card text only counts for the board state during “Before Resolve,” so Punish doesn’t count itself in its damage.

Keep in mind that “Resolve” just means that you do what the card says (its text and any modifiers etc.).

Right now, only ongoing cards, Daze, and Expose can affect someone beyond when you’re done playing them (the play until resolve steps). And only “ongoing” cards last beyond your turn right now.

And to briefly address the idea of Attacks or Steals interacting with Punish: They should not be used when calculating damage. As of right now, only cards marked with “ongoing” or the two cards that last beyond their initial resolve stage, Daze and Expose, would count.

I know you had this answer in our Discord server, but I figured I should reply here for anyone else :slight_smile:

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