Greetings! Introduction thread!

New to the community? Reply to this topic to introduce yourself to the community. Welcome! :hugs:

Hello! I’m Dave Balmer, guild leader at Gobico. I design games and other random creative work. I plan to post new game ideas and hope to hear lots of feedback from the community. My favorite game is the next idea that pops in my head. :grimacing:

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I’m Alex Inoue, the writer who also focuses on developing Runes of Zun. Bug me about rules, balance, and card ideas. Or go and find my website if you want to read some random fantasy stuff. Maybe I’ll break down and write a novel about the lore for Zun someday, lol

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy our games : )


I’m Eric, I’m the guy handling all the shipping! I’ll give a proper introduction once you all have Runes of Zun in your hands.