First Runes of Zun Game - fun!

Hi there. First forum post. I backed the Runes of Zun expansion on Kickstarter and included the base game, just played our first game in the base set. I’m in Australia, and I backed it because it’s a game we can play as a family but still makes you think.

We LOVE it.

I’ve had a look at the FAQ and that clarified a few things we were doing wrong. I have one question: I think I’m right in saying you can only play modifiers on Actions or Reactions that you have played yourself? There was nothing in the rules that said playing a modifier on someone else’s Action/Reaction is not allowed, but the Action Step sequence seems to say this.

Because we played it with being able to modify other players’ actions - e.g. “Share” on another player’s Attack that targetted you. The game ended with us both on 3 HP and 1HP (me on 1HP) and I played Attack plus 2 Boosts and my opponent played Share (“If I’m going down, so are you!” declared my daughter). We also contemplated, hang on - what would happen if I played a Reserve on your Action that you’ve already Reserved? We decided that was a step too far because it was too confusing.

So - apart from the humour of our first game - I am right in thinking that, in fact, you can only Modify Actions or Reactions you play yourself?

Hi Ojno!

I’m so happy you’re having fun with Runes of Zun! Sorry I’ve been away from the forum for a bit. We might be consolidating all discussions on our Discord server, so you might want to join: Runes of Zun Discord is free and can run from your browser or an app.

Yes, you may only play modifiers on an Action or Reaction that you play, and then only at the time you play them (you can’t add them later).

We’re also moving the main source for rules online. The reason being as we add expansions to the game, there will always be qurstions that come up about some specific card interactions. Check it out: Runes of Zun Rules