Challenge #2 - The Whole Deck in Your Hand?

How many cards can you have in your hand without defeating yourself?

  • This is a Runes of Zun challenge
  • You have 1 base Runes of Zun deck, 1 Action Packed expansion, 1 Shadow Tactics expansion, and 1 copy of every promo
  • 2 - 4 players
  • You can’t let your HP fall to 0 to fit more cards as you flip your HP tracker!
  • No turn limit
  • Feel free to place your bet on the maximum cards possible without solving how : )

Don’t forget the Overload Rule:
“Drawing a card after you already have 10 cards in your hand will always cause you to reduce your HP by 1 for every card past 10, one at a time each time. This effect can never be prevented, altered, affected by card effects, or allow other card effects to occur based on HP reduction.”

Also, don’t forget to keep track of the number of cards used. You don’t want to use certain cards more often than they exist (like using 10 Channels) unless you can figure out a way to discard and then draw them again.

Good Luck!